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Interested in starting a backyard chicken flock? Wondering what you need to know before you bring home those cute, fluffy, little chicks? Listen in as Nutrena poultry expert Twain Lockhart(link is external) gives a quick overview of what you need to consider!

Backyard Wild Birds

Every region of the country has some common birds that always seem to be around the feeders, but very few species are found throughout the entire continental United States. These eight common backyard birds are not only popular everywhere in the country, but they are regular visitors in every season. How many have visited your yard? 

California State Bird: Quail

California Quail

Common Name: California Quail
Scientific Name: Callipepla californica

Year Adopted as State Bird: 1931
Range in State: In brushy woods and suburban areas as well as large urban parks; year-round, but absent from the southwestern part of the state
Shared With Other States: None

This state bird has the honor of being the only state bird whose name includes the full name of its state, though several other state birds include clues in their names. The California quail was recommended by the Audubon Society as the state's official bird and was legally named the state's symbol by the legislature. Round and energetic, these chicken-like birds readily come to yards in appropriate regions where ground-feeding areas are available.