Custom Mixes

NC Lamb & Sheep -50lbs Bag
  • Feed as grain and roughage replacement
  • 13.4% Protein
NC Hog -50lbs Bag
  • Starter Grower 20lbs- Market
  • 16%  Protein
NC Organic Hog- 50lbs Bag
  • Feed from 50lbs- Market
  • 15.8% Protein
NC Beef- 50lbs Bag
  • 13% Protein
NC All in One- 50lbs Bag
  • Basic Feed for Cattle and Horses
  • 13.7% Protein
NC Products available are available in stocked 50lbs bags, refillable bulk barrels,  and ordered by the Ton in Totes.
We can also create custom mixes based on your needs or animals dietary requirements. Just give us a call, and we would be happy to answer any questions 707-442-3741.