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What is Chaffhaye???
1. Premium NON-GMO Alfalfa
Chaffhaye Alfalfa is premium alfalfa harvested at optimal plant maturity to maximize nutrients and palatability. While still fresh, the crop is chopped into “chaff”, lightly misted with molasses, then individually packed into air-tight packages to lock in freshness
2. Beneficial Fermentation
A natural fermentation transforms the raw alfalfa into a super digestible forage, enriching it with yeast, enzymes and beneficial microflora that aid digestion as well as absorption of its nutrients by the animal. Chaffhaye Alfalfa is soft, easy to chew, and free of dust and mold.
3. The End Result?
An alfalfa enhanced with natural enzymes, yeasts and beneficial bacteria. Easy to digest for your animal and easier to handle for you.
Most animal feeds go through a drying process that removes a majority of the naturally occurring plant juice from the forage. This essentially drains life from the feed. We process Chaffhaye to retain its natural plant juice, preserving the natural probiotics of the feed. By retaining the plant juice, Chaffhaye becomes the closest product you can buy to fresh, natural pasture. Hence, we call it “Premium Pasture in a Bag.”