Grass Seed

Eureka, CA and Ferndale, CA

We sell grass seed by the pound or by the 50lbs Bag.

We can also custom mix for the specific needs of our customers.

For more questions please call our Eureka location (707) 442-3741 or our Ferndale location (707) 786-9501.

We stock the following items and many more. We can also special order almost any type of seed you may need.

Lawn Grasses- 1lbs per 200sqft

- Fescues, Ryegrasses (perennial and annual), Custom Mixes and Blends,- Shade, Drought tolerant , Fine or Course, Turf


  • Pasture Grasses- 20-25lbs Per AcreRygrasses- Jumbo, Maximus, Remmington, Fawn Fescue, Potomac Orchard Grasses


Nilsen Custom Mixes- 20-25lbs per Acre

- General Purpose Pasture Mix, Elite Pasture Mix, Horse Pasture Mix, Mountain Mix, North Coast Pasture Mix, State Mix


Most Popular :

Nilsen Lawn Mix- 5lbs per 1000sqft- Good for residential lawns. Creates a thick rich green lawn when properly watered and fertilized. (5lbs per 1000sqft)

15%- Kentucky Blue Grass

15%- Highland Bent

70% Creeping Red Fescue


Horse Pasture Mix- 25lbs per acre Specially blended for horses, provides the nessesarry nutrition to keep them happy and healthy.

35% Tet Perennial Rye

30% Lofa Festolium

20% Annual Rye

5% New Zealand White Clover


North Coast Pasture Mix- 22lbs per acre- Blended for Cattle- Contains different types of grasses and clovers that can withstand our local weather as well as provide proper nutrition.

23% Kenland Red Clover

14% Ladino Clover

9% Salina Strawberry Clover

9% Alsike and White Clover

32% Tet Perennial Ryegrass

13% Tet Annual Ryegrass




  • Clovers- 10-15lbs Per Acre- White Dutch, Berseem, New Zealand White, Denamrk, Crimson, Ladino…the list goes on!


  • Grains and Legumes- Alfalfa Seed, Barley, Vetch, Bell Bean, Winter Peas


Kamprath Seeds is one of our wonderful seed vendors and they specializes in custom cover crop, irrigated pasture, dryland pasture and hay mixes. They pride themselves in providing us with the newest and highest quality varieties to help ensure the end user is obtaining the best product possible. They also carry a full line of organic grains, grasses, and legumes, as well as native grasses and flowers that we can order in by request.