Big Green Egg Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Big Green Egg

The Green Dutch Oven for the Big Green Egg is one heavy dude. This enamelled cast iron casserole stews, braises, cooks, bakes and roasts. So quite an all-rounder! The lid of the Green Dutch Oven can also be used separately as a shallow frying pan, or even as a tin for cakes and desserts. The Green Dutch Oven is available in both a round and an oval version.

What’s cooking in the Green Dutch Oven? This multifunctional casserole comes in very handy when preparing coq-au-vin, soup, chili or (for the dessert freaks) a crumble or cobbler. You can also use it in your regular oven and its look will only improve as the years go by. The lovely finish will make you proud to place it on the table.

Model Code
Oval – 5.2L:
2XL, XLarge, Large
Round – 4L:
2XL, XLarge, Large