C.H Hanson El Marko™ Lumber Crayon-Premier Red (Red)

C.H. Hanson

If you're looking for a red crayon to withstand some wear and tear, look no further than C.H. Hanson's El Marko® Premium Red Lumber Crayon. The no melt crayon's marks withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It can mark lumber, metal, concrete, and most other surfaces, yet it remains resistant to weather, fade, and sun. Extend each crayon's life by protecting it with Crayon Armor.

Product Features
Durable mark lasts, works on almost any surface.Mark stays strong, resists fade.1/2" Hexagon x 4/5" long.Extend working life with Crayon Armor®.Marks lumber, metal, concrete and most other surfaces.No Melt Crayon withstands 300°F.Weather/fade/sun resistant