Chase Santa® Snow Decoration Spray

Chase Products Co.

Santa® Snow creates a layered, textured effect. Lightly frost centerpieces and other decorative arrangements, tips of evergreen branches, and wreaths. Spray on windows and mirrors for a holiday look. Use with Santa® Christmas Stencils.

  • Spray snowy highlights on trees and wreaths
  • Decorate windows and mirrors
  • Use with Santa® Christmas Stencils
  • Contains no solvents
  • Easy cleanup

Product Type: Aerosols

Recommended uses
Use on evergreens and glass surfaces. Designed for indoor use.

Ingredient Information

Ingredient Function
Water Solvent / Diluent
Sorbitan Tristearate Emulsifier / Stabilizer
Calcium Carbonate Main Component
Propane Propellant
Butane Propellant
Sodium Nitrite Corrosion Inhibitor
Oleic Acid Lubricant / Corrosion Inhibitor