Clear Rubberized Adhesive, Waterproof, 9-oz.

Flex Glue

As seen on tv, 9 oz, clear, flex glue, super strong rubberized waterproof adhesive, bonds to any surface even wet or under water, easy to use, instantly seals & repairs, holds objects in place & in most cases eliminates need for braces, cures in 24 to 48 hours, reaches maximum strength in 7 days, mildew & uv resistant, paintable, solvent free, voc compliant, low odor, will not shrink or crack, run or drip, & can easily be applied to vertical & overhead surfaces, use on all types of metal, wood, foam, rubber, tile, ceramic, marble, porcelain, glass, granite, brick, concrete, stucco, plaster, stone, masonry, drywall, sheetrock, fiberglass, some plastics & vinyl's, composites, pvc, eps, epdm.