Fuel Treatment, 1-Gal.


Lucas, Gallon, Fuel Treatment, Complies With The Federal Low Sulfur Content Requirements For Use In Diesel Motor Vehicles & Non-Road, Locomotive & Marine Diesel Equipment Engines, Powerful Blend Of Oils & Additives That Contain No Solvents, Increases Power & Fuel Mileage, Lowers Exhaust Emissions Through A More Complete Combustion, Formulated For Both Gasoline & Diesel Engines, Carbureted Or Fuel Injected, Blend Of Super Slick Oils & Additives With A High Detergent Action That Allows The Engine To Operate At Maximum Efficiency, Cleans & Lubricates The Carburetor & Injectors & Causes The Fuel To Burn More Thoroughly For Increased Power & Less Fuel Consumption, Use In Vehicles That Require Leaded Fuel, Replaces The Benefits Of Lead In Gasoline Without Causing Harmful Emissions, Use It To Pass Smog Tests.