Permatex® Ultra Black® Rtv Silicone Gasket Maker (3 Oz)


Permatex Ultra Black retains high flexibility and oil resistant properties through use of a patented adhesion system. Ultra Black is sensor safe, low odor, and non-corrosive with resistance to oil, shop fluids, and vibration. This sensor-safe, low odor, non-corrosive formula meets performance specifications of OE silicone gaskets and can be used on high flexibility and high oil resistant applications such as timing covers, transmission pans and oil pans.

  • 1High flexibility and oil resistance
  • 2Sensor-safe, non-corrosive formula
  • 3Resist to powertrain fluids
  • 4Eliminates the need for pre-formed, pre-cut gaskets
  • 5OEM specified and approved for dealership warranty requirements