Power Hose Nozzle, Industrial Grade Brass, 3/4-In.


Used by Firefighters and Industry for over 50 years, the Bullseye Power Nozzle is an Industrial Grade solid brass nozzle that delivers 50% MORE POWER and uses 50% LESS WATER! Adjusting from a POWER mode to a HEAVY SPRAY, a PIN POINT STREAM, and a guaranteed LEAK-PROOF OFF, the Bullseye's POWER mode excels at power washing and is especially useful in areas with low water pressure! The PIN POINT STREAM is a superb water saver and is ideal for cleaning a/c, radiator, & refrigerator coils, pool filters, detailing & other jobs where precise water usage is desired. The HEAVY SPRAY is great for rinsing, watering, and general clean-up, and the LEAK-PROOF OFF feature saves gallons of leaking water! 100% Made in the USA since 1969!

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