Scotts® MossEX™ 3-in-1 Ready-Spray®


The fast-acting, Scotts® 3-in-1 MossEX™ Ready-Spray® kills moss, algae and lichens within hours. Use it on lawns, decks, patios, roofs and buildings. To apply - just attach a hose to the connected sprayer, turn on the water, and spray. Won’t stain concrete or other surfaces and can be used at any time during the year.

Scotts MossEX 3-in-1 Ready-Spray

The fast-acting, Scotts 3-in-1 MossEX Ready-Spray kills moss, algae and lichens within hours. Covers up to 500 sq. ft.

Ready to Use

Scotts 3-in-1 MossEX Ready-Spray is ready to use. Just attach to an outdoor garden hose, turn on water and it’s ready to apply. Use on lawns, decks, patios, roofs, and buildings. Does not stain concrete or other surfaces. See label for full product details.

When to Apply

Apply anytime moss is present and actively growing during the year. Best results are obtained with actively growing moss in spring or fall. Do not use on lawns when temperature exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit.